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3rd 15 Minute Ficlet

First fic that I REALLY wrote in only 15 minutes, as opposed to 16 or 17. I liked the prompt but didn't really know what to do with it, so I just grabbed at air and this is what happened. XD
Fandom/original: Pokemon
Characters: Just me, a made up random character, and a made up Vulpix XD
Rating: G
Word count: 305

A rather tiny Vulpix popped out of the Pokeball. It was adorable – only three-tailed, much paler than most of its kind. It sneezed, accidentally breathing a couple of little flames.

"I'm not sure I'd use a Fire type that can't control its own powers intuitively," said Jon skeptically.

"I guess you're right," I answered sadly. "She's adorable, though. I don't want to just get rid of her."

"Well, if you don't release her, she'll probably just rot away in your box," Jon replied. He was my friend…but he was way too much of a perfectionist, too critical, and came off rather cold-hearted. If he hadn't surprised me in several circumstances, I in fact wouldn't really be his friend.

Meanwhile, little Vulpix sat on the pink couch cushion. We had stopped in the Pokemon center in Eterna City. Her huge eyes were open wide, and she gazed around the building in wonder. She stood up, trying to get a view, took a tottering step forward, and…promptly fell on her face.

Before really thinking about it, I reached out and picked her up. Usually I was kinda terrified of handling Pokemon I hadn't gotten to know well, afraid they'd burn me or zap me or bite me or use whatever their special power. But Vulpix looked like she needed a safe place from which to peer at the world.

In fact, she didn't really seem to notice that I was holding her, until a moment or two later when I noticed that she seemed to be glowing. Happily. Again she sneezed and this time burnt my arm. I almost dropped her to the ground.

"She's adorable…but…she's not the brightest bulb in the box," Jon snickered.

"She's not dumb," I said. "She seems a little spacey to me. Quirky. I like her. She can be my contest Pokemon."


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