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15 Minute Ficlet 2

More like a 16 minute one, but oh well. These things are so fun. *_*

Title: Untitled 2?
Fandom/original: Red vs. Blue
Characters: Church and Tex
Rating: R :D
Word count: 422
WARNINGS: A lot of swearing. Sex swearing. Cover your virgin eyes!

This week's prompt was Blatant.

There sat the ghost of Tex, on that damn ridge in Blood Gulch.


Why the hell didn't she just…leave? There had to be some way for ghosts to move very long distances. Fly. Or teleport. Or something.


But no, instead she was here haunting the lamest piece of crap haunt that any ghost ever had – a box canyon in the middle of nowhere swarmed by society's biggest losers. Except for weight, she thought wryly about the flubby orange Red Team guy.


"You just stay here all the time because you have FRIENDS here," said a little voice. It wasn't a voice, really, more of a…conscience? It seemed to have worked its way into Allison's brain after having been dormant during all those years of bounty hunting. It scared the crap out of her at first because it almost felt like Omega, but it hadn't yet said anything about world domination or making the universe its own and it didn't like describing the gory things it would do to people or, in fact, speak in a British accent, so Tex figured it was benign.


"Uh huh. I don't think so," thought Tex in return. "I'm a bitch and a loner. I really don't like people. They're either stupid or they die before I get to…"


"Get to what, Tex?"


"I don't know."


"I think you do. Admit it. You had a…a thing. For several different people."


"A thing?!"


"Yeah, you know. Like. A crush."


"Shut the fuck up."


"I can't. I'm you."


"Remember those fantasies you had about York?"


"No. Well, I was young and stupid back then—"


"And Church, of course."


"Church and I were a serious item, of course I remembered him."


"Very fondly, I think—"




"And for a while there, you were even kind of…well, it sounds sick, but…I remember you had an affinity for Omega for a short time there."


Tex stopped her mental conversation there, unable to stop a grin. She really was the best companion to herself. She knew herself too well…


"Hey, Tex," said Church, climbing the ridge. "You know, despite the fact that I'm an asshole and you're just as much of a bitch as I am an asshole, I'm glad that you died and got stuck here with us again."


"Thanks, dickhead," she spat.


"You know you like it," he said.


Tex was silent for a whole five minutes. Church took it upon himself to sit down next to her. He was so OBVIOUS…


"Hey Church."




"Let's fuck."



Haha. I remember earlier in the year Freshman year, I thought I was going to be all...badass and stuff, and write smut, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Not that this counts.

But someday. >>

P.S. I wrote this in front of Scott. Poor guy.


More fun than a root canal!

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