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3rd 15 Minute Ficlet

First fic that I REALLY wrote in only 15 minutes, as opposed to 16 or 17. I liked the prompt but didn't really know what to do with it, so I just grabbed at air and this is what happened. XD
Fandom/original: Pokemon
Characters: Just me, a made up random character, and a made up Vulpix XD
Rating: G
Word count: 305

15 Minute Ficlet 2

More like a 16 minute one, but oh well. These things are so fun. *_*

Title: Untitled 2?
Fandom/original: Red vs. Blue
Characters: Church and Tex
Rating: R :D
Word count: 422
WARNINGS: A lot of swearing. Sex swearing. Cover your virgin eyes!

Haha. I remember earlier in the year Freshman year, I thought I was going to be all...badass and stuff, and write smut, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Not that this counts.

But someday. >>

P.S. I wrote this in front of Scott. Poor guy.

Old Fanfiction

Okay, I wanted to write but didn't really have anything to write about, so I went ahead and joined 15_minute_fic.

I wrote one about Fullmetal Alchemist and decided to post it here, since thinking of a subject to write about was the whole point. Please keep in mind that this is the first writing I've done in a VERY long time, and I had to jam it into 15 (okay, more like 17) minutes, and nobody's forcing you to click on the LJ cut.

Title: Untitled1
Fandom/original: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters: Winry, and the people in her head
Rating: G
Warnings: Giant spoilers for Fullmetal Alchemist
Word count: 490

FicletCollapse )

I know, somehow that one word related to that whole weird fic...makesnosense. I think that actually, I've had a plotbunny like this for a while.

Title: Flotation Device*
Author: chaoticlivi
Fandom: Discworld, "Castaway" crossed in
Character: DEATH
Warning: Death. Sharks. Well, only one shark, really. "Castaway" spoilers.
Prompt: #1 Flotation Device
Word Count: 603

*I'm so original.

This is my first fanfiction for this character and I'm also new at this prompt thing, so I'd appreciate constructive criticism. I'll help you guys out if you write fanfics for things I actually know about. ^^;

Flotation DeviceCollapse )

Just wanted to post those.

By the way, these were really posted on January 11, 2008 and 12:42 in the morning. LJ just won't let me change the date of a non personal journal.


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